Posted on 17 Nov, 2014

Mike was holidaying in Australia several years ago, enjoying a 5-day break from England. It was only on his last day in Melbourne however, that his life would completely change. Three hours before he needed to be at the airport, a mutual friend introduced Mike to Alison. It was this introduction that ignited an 18-month long-distance relationship, until Mike would move to Australia so they could be together.

As unique as they come, Mike proposed to Alison when she travelled to Johannesburg to meet Mike’s family for Rosh Hashanah. He surprised her by taking her to the Pilanesburg region of South Africa and proposed at the top of the Kings Tower at the Palace of the Lost City.

Fast forward to today and Alison & Mike are now reminiscing about their magical Jewish wedding. The couple planned a beautiful Jewish ceremony and reception in the Harbour Room at The Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron in St Kilda. The bride wore a stunning Raffaele Ciuca dress with a lace bodice, chiffon bottom and Swarovski crystals on the side. Alison chose to let her bridesmaids select their own dresses in various shades of purple & grey.

The couple enjoyed traditional Jewish music for their ceremony and selected Michael Buble’s ‘You’re My Everything’ for their first dance together as husband & wife.

The spectacular menu featured alternating Eye Fillet Steak and Roasted Garfish. As Alison & Mike are both sweet tooths, they selected Chocolate Self-Saucing Puddings for dessert!

When asked of her favourite moment, Alison confessed that the highlight would always be the family and friends that travelled from across the world to share in their special day. If she were to pick a particular moment in time, Alison spoke of remembering the moment that they were declared husband and wife under the Chuppa, “It was a very special moment for both of us.”


Posted on 10 Nov, 2014

Many Melbourne brides are often faced with the dilemma of choosing between their dream ceremony location or being practical about the chances of a bad weather on their wedding day. Brides have woken up to extreme winds & torrential rain, only to have to resort to a back-up plan that is usually not as idyllic as they had originally hoped. You can do all the research in the world, read the predictions for one, two and often three months ahead. But let’s face it, this is Melbourne and the only predictable thing is that the weather will be completely unpredictable.

So how do we ensure that we don’t end up with a B-grade option if the weather turns out to be less pleasant than you had hoped? Plan ahead. You can still have a beautiful wedding ceremony on the beach, but think about hiring a marquee to provide some shelter. This way, the setting is still beautiful and a little bit of drizzle never did anyone any harm. In the event that gale-force winds decide to pay Melbourne a visit, you’re in a bit of a pickle. Ensure that the location of your ceremony also has a venue that has the capacity to seat all of your guests and can accommodate such a request on the day. Base your decision for the location based on the available alternative options that you have should the weatherman get it wrong.

Most beach locations will have a venue that overlooks the water, so a back-up plan is usually always available. Gardens will nearly always have multiple locations for events, as they will usually be on an estate that will consist of a large house as well as a chapel. All you need to remember when selecting the location for your wedding ceremony is to ensure that there is always a back-up plan. Not only that, but one that you’re just as happy with.

A bride and groom walking on dromana pier on their wedding day in Melbourne

Posted on 03 Nov, 2014

You may not be one of those couples who like to ‘match’ every time that you step out of the house, but isn’t it sweet when the bride & groom complement each other?

We’re not talking extremely obvious, colour co-ordinated looks – simply something subtle that flatters both parties and looks great in your wedding photos. So how do you achieve this without appearing to be a little cuckoo? Easy!

The most common way of ensuring that the bride and groom complement each other is to match the lapels to the bouquet. This is the most subtle, least-obvious way of tying everything together for your wedding photographs. Of course there have been much more obvious ways, often in the form of grooms wearing ivory coloured suits or ivory coloured ties.

You’re allowed to think outside the box here. If there is a specific theme or look that you’re going for, why not? Remember that the photographs you create on your special day are going to be with you forever then there’s no harm in having a little fun with it. Why not have your partner share in your ‘something blue’ for the day? Or why not wear similar shoes that no one will be expecting?

There are so many unique ways to make sure your groom is easily recognisable on your wedding day, so take advantage of the opportunity to make things as fun and exciting as possible!

A bride and groom sharing a quiet moment during their wedding day in Melbourne

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Posted on 27 Oct, 2014

We all get a little emotional when thinking about our wedding day, but what happens on the actual day? Most brides never think about this until the very last moments, when the tears of happiness begin to flow. And everything seems perfect. Until you realise that you can’t stop crying and those tears turn to waterfalls. Are you wearing waterproof mascara? You wipe your hands across your face and see foundation residue on your hand. If my makeup is on my hand, then it’s not on my face. Wait, my makeup is not on my face?

It’s too late for a mirror check and your partner wouldn’t dare to answer your questions in fear of saying the wrong thing. And there’s your wedding photographer, taking photographs of you with your makeup smeared. What a memory.

But never fear, we’ve got solutions just in case a torrential downpour erupts from your eyes. First up, you need an excellent waterproof foundation. If you have a make-up artist, quiz them on their products during your trial. Make sure that the products they are using will stand the test of time. If you’re going DIY, Napoleon Perdis China Doll or Smash Box Camera Ready BB Cream are products that are frequently receiving good reviews online. The best way to find something suitable is to spend a decent hour in your local Melbourne Priceline store sifting through the samples. Take the opportunity to try lots of different coverage’s & colours. Don’t forget about any fake tan that you might be using on the day (a good bet is to go 2-3 shades darker if getting a medium – dark tan) but always remember to actually try the tan with the makeup girls. Leave nothing to chance.

The other necessities? Waterproof mascara (duh), waterproof concealer, a decent waterproof tattoo pen for those brows (brows can sweat too) and a lip stain or crayon is best for staying power. Oh and don’t forget the dry shampoo. A hot wedding day can wreak havoc on your roots.

A Groom looking proudly at his Bride during the wedding ceremony in Melbourne

Posted on 20 Oct, 2014

Ahh, the age-old debate. Should you wear a train on your wedding day?

It’s a tough call really. On one hand you have this pre-existing belief that in order to feel like a princess on your special day, you have to indulge in that extra length. Is there ever going to be another time in your life that you will be able to wear something so extravagant? On the other though, you have to think about the obstacles that you’re going to face on your big day.

A wedding dress that has a bit of length has nothing on a full train. Are you going to be walking up and down stairs? How are you going to ensure a picture perfect finish at the end of the aisle? Do you have a fabulous made of honour that is prepared to pick up your train at your every beck and call? Are you honestly prepared for the trek through dirt, mud and grass, and what it could possibly to do your dress? Are you going to be able to join in on the dance floor without getting pulled back if Uncle Sam accidentally mistakes your train for the dance floor?

These are all the questions that you have to ask yourself when choosing what features your dress will have. If you want the best of both worlds, most bridal boutiques in Melbourne will have detachable trains that you can wear during your ceremony but remove during your wedding reception. This gives you a great opportunity to showcase a completely different dress. Some bridal boutiques will also have accessories that you can utilise to transform a dress such as a sash or fabric belt that will add to the surprise when you walk into the room looking like a completely different bride.

Having a detachable train is probably the most practical decision you can make if you’re torn between your fairy-tale dress and reason. So ladies, what lesson have we now learnt? It’s your wedding day and you’ll wear the dress of your dreams you want to.

A Melbourne Bride walking down a flight of stairs showcasing her long wedding dress train on her wedding day

Posted on 13 Oct, 2014

It’s a lot more common than you think. You both exchange vows, rings and say I do. But what happens after the novelty has worn off and your husband stops wearing his wedding ring everyday?

Most Melbourne women immediately jump to conclusions. Why would he not want to profess his love for all to see? What reason could he possibly have for not wanting to wear his own wedding ring?

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that men are often forgetful creatures who may not remember to put their ring on each morning. Men don’t take nearly as long as women to get ready, so sometimes the usual shower, breakfast and out-the-door ritual is just a habit. The most common thing that we often hear from women is that their husband won’t wear the wedding ring because it is ‘an occupational health & safety hazard’. Yes you, rolling your eyes right there – he’s actually right! Take a moment to think about the potential risks of wearing a ring when operating machinery. Is he a chippy? If so, do you really want that expensive piece of jewellery to be scratched and damaged? Well why won’t he wear it when he plays sport, you say? This too is a recipe for disaster. And no, he cannot wear it on a chain on his neck when playing football, can you imagine men flying through the air trying to grasp onto him only to rip on that chain and watch the ring fly through the air?

Sure, there are Melbourne men who are able to wear their wedding rings in their workplace environment. The rings don’t actually pose a threat to their safety and one would assume that there really isn’t a reason for refusing to wear the ring?

Well the answer is ladies, that some men just don’t like jewellery. Yes, some men love their leather bands, their chains and their rings but sometimes, they just don’t. A ring is a ring and your love is eternal, there’s nothing more to it.

Scrabble letters L, V, and E combined with a wedding ring to spell LOVE

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Posted on 06 Oct, 2014

One of the things I have always loved about wedding photography is watching the vibrant energy that the girls in a bridal party share once they have forgotten about the formalities of the day – the ceremony, the reception, the videographer and yes, even the photographer.

It’s so easy to become absorbed in the stress of ensuring everything is perfect, but it’s also important for me, as your wedding photographer, to encourage you to enjoy it and to remember it’s not all about hard work on your wedding day.

One of the best ways I find to do that is with a toast!

A few moments to take a break, raise a glass of bubbly, reflect on the past and imagine the future. The girls in your bridal party are your closest friends and dearest family, and you’ve no doubt shared countless hysterical moments together.

I just love hearing your bridesmaids talk about the antics you’ve all encountered over the years. And, while I’m blending into the background allowing these moments to unfold naturally, capturing those candid sparks of cheerful banter and relaxed celebration (most likely stories you won’t be sharing in your speech), I will have captured some truly happy emotions through my lens.

I’ve always found that some of the best photographs ever taken were when people didn’t even know they were being photographed. These moments share an insight into your life and personality that is authentic and natural, but they don’t always happen on their own.

Sometimes we all need a little encouragement, a spark of something to embrace without being over-directed. Sometimes we just need a connection, a chance to unleash the joy by someone who can connect with people quickly, naturally and who can seduce people into dropping their guard – a guard often put up when a photographer shows up.

You’ll even get to witness my cheeky side – I have a ball at weddings – I can be silly or cheeky, flirty and fun, it’s the time in my life when I can actually get away with telling the most stupid jokes I know. Just wait and see – I bet you laugh! And there are no better people in the world to make fun of than a videographer! Trust me – I know!

What I truly want to capture on a bride’s wedding day is the natural energy and relationships she shares with her bridal party, and by taking some time out of the day’s preparations, popping a cork and raising your glasses, you’ll have a chance to truly savior this moment, because believe me, your wedding day will go fast.

Bride and her bridesmaids enjoying a glass of champaign on her wedding day in Melbourne

Posted on 29 Sep, 2014

We’ve all taken photos that we thought were great until we had them printed and discovered an undesirable reflection somewhere in the shot.

But what about a planned and desirable reflection – have you considered those for your wedding album?

Reflections can offer uniqueness to a photograph by creating an additional creative element in your photographs.

You’ll probably be surprised at how many everyday things you can capture a reflection in; picture frames on walls, a marble bench top, a sheet of metal, windows, mirrors, in fact, any kind of glass or shiny surface can act as a vehicle to capture a reflection in. And of course, as pictured we can’t forget about the power of water – even a puddle on the ground can create an interesting line of sight and elevate your wedding photographs to an entirely new level.

There are many things to take into consideration when capturing a reflection in a shoot, your wedding photographer needs to understand how to use the sun and external elements when incorporating reflections, and consider distance and clarity. Luckily for you, these technicalities are not something you need to concern yourselves with, that’s your wedding photographer’s job. Your job is to make sure the photographer you choose can incorporate these factors into his shoot.

I just love capturing well-placed, creative reflections in a photograph – I love the diversity it brings to a photo, and the depth and contrast it adds; it’s an element of style I’ve worked hard to perfect throughout my career.

Take the bride and groom’s position in this Melbourne riverside wedding photograph, when you look at the couple’s reflection in the water, it looks like they are resting against the banks of the river, when they are actually sitting closer to the middle of the plank bridge. This all comes back to where you are placed in the photograph, and it takes a trained eye to know where and how to place the subject of a photo to achieve balance in the final photograph.

Bride and groom sitting on wooden bridge with their reflection in the water on their wedding day in melbourne

Posted on 22 Sep, 2014

Over the years trends in wedding photography have changed and evolved to include many new fads and ingenious ideas, but one constant always remains; most people want a certain level of creativity mingled with the classics throughout their wedding album – an element of surprise that brings a smile to the face.

A creative photographer draws inspiration from the world around him; a funky buckle on a shoe, a sunbeam hitting a crumbling concrete post, a vine ravishing a wall on an autumn day or, as you see here, the characteristics of a row of concrete posts.

Creativity is a mindset – the skill and ability to capture light or find artistic angles that not everyone can see, in a natural and authentic style.

But creativity alone doesn’t produce an inspiring or stunning photograph, the moment of inspiration can be taken but it requires skill on the wedding photographer’s front to execute the final, breathtaking artwork. There are techniques to be mastered in order to achieve photographic genius, techniques that only come from hard work and constant practice, and a deep desire to create the perfect wedding photograph.

This photography showcases a sense of fun on the wedding day, the colourful glow in the groomsmen’s hearts – or on their feet as the case may be – these brick posts with the green trees in the back-ground of the picture was the perfect way to illuminate the spirit, vibe and their cool attire.

It’s important to find a wedding photographer who can establish your level of creativity and explore the interesting and the diverse in this world to give you a collection of photographs you’ll cherish forever and long to share with everyone you encounter. A photographer who’ll find a creative angle that holds interest to you and your groom, with genuine perspective, that captures the spirit of you and your wedding day and that are, above all else, visually dynamic.

The possibilities are endless!


Creative photograph of grooms funky socks in his wedding day in Melbourne


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Posted on 15 Sep, 2014

Choosing to accessorise on your wedding day can often be a difficult decision. Earrings, bracelets, a necklace, a bridal headpiece?  The thing is, you don’t require all of these things to make your bride look complete. One of the most beautiful features of a bride on her wedding day is her neckline, so a necklace is often not required and earrings & bracelets are often passed down through generations, which essentially become the ‘something old’ that you would add to your unique look. But what about a bridal headpiece? Would you use a clip with beading or pearl detail? A delicate headband? A flower or flowers? A veil that clips in for the ceremony & out for the reception?

Recent trends have seen women wearing headbands made entirely of flowers, especially for boho or quirky weddings. A simple, classic headpiece with detail is often the most popular choice as it is something that can be passed down for generations to come. And last, but not least is the traditional clip-in veil that is used for the wedding ceremony & then either removed or pulled back for the reception.

For some inspiration, ‘Bride La Boheme’ features unique and handmade bridal pieces that completely transform any bridal look into something from a fairytale. With unique and individual designs, your look will be unlike anything guests have seen before. Anna Campbell on High Street in Armadale, Melbourne is also a perfect place to start. You will find different ways to enhance the look you are after & will be able to envision the different ways you can accessories on your wedding day.

You don’t have to stick to traditional bridal concepts on your wedding day. Why not try something different, mix it up & see if there is something unique that makes your day truly memorable?

Beautiful bride showcasing her headpiece on her wedding day in Melbourne