Posted on 18 Aug, 2014

They may be hidden under your dress, but the shoes that you choose to wear on your wedding day will impact those crucial steps that you take down the aisle. They may look beautiful, but unfortunately the age old question of whether they are the most sensible choice will be soon be haunting you.

Short girls in Melbourne often believe that bigger is better. Sometimes though, we need to take a step back & evaluate whether the most glamorous option is going to be the best fit. Tall girls on the other hand, are fearful of towering over their partners & are disappointed with the bridal collections available to them in the form of flats. This also plays an important role in how you would like to be portrayed by your wedding photographer.

So why can we not find a happy medium? Somewhere in between glamorous & comfortable? What if we go that step too far with the glamour & end up regretting it on the one day we don’t want to think about how sore our feet are?

Ok, so you can’t forgo all of the glamour in your heels – but you need to be comfortable enough to know that mid-evening you don’t have to pull them off in agony. After all, your dress has been measured to fit you wearing those exact shoes.

There are two options making the rounds in the Melbourne bridal circuit. Wedges, the go-to for short girls who are desperate for the maximum amount of height with the least amount of pain. The good thing is that these babies often come in light colours, beige and often pastels (perfect if you are after that ‘something blue’). Clogs on the other hand are a newer, quirkier take on the bridal shoe that has an extremely thick heel but without the bulkiness of a wedge.

Lucky legs 11, supermodel material? Well, the options become a little more limited (and that’s karma for being gifted with supermodel genes). Unfortunately, you are restricted to flats if you are truly concerned about the height differences between yourself & your partner. And hey, now you have one less thing to worry about because you won’t be the one kicking off your heels at the end of the night. Besides, who can say no to a pair of Chanel patented flats?

A Brides ring wedged between her shoes on her wedding day in Melbourne

Posted on 11 Aug, 2014

You’re not the kind of Melbourne gal who adheres to the norm within society, so why should your wedding be any different? This goes for your dress, your photographer, your venue & your catering, but also the overall atmosphere that your wedding emulates.

First thing is first – identify a common theme that truly represents the relationship that you and your partner share. For example, if you are both environmental advocates who feel best out in the open space – why not have a wedding on the sand, at a beach? Enforce a dress code of chino’s, thongs, flowers & flowing dresses to really set the mood. Are you completely crazy about Mexican food? Why not host a Mexican themed reception? Invite all of your guests to a low-key garden location with DIY food stalls and amazing, authentic Mexican cuisine. You can bring as much colour as possible to the party – but perhaps don’t take it as far as the sombrero.

Are you both crazy adrenalin seekers? Why not take a hot air balloon ride across Melbourne before meeting your guests to say I do? Or of course, if you’re both a little shy & prefer something extremely intimate, why not style your backyard with a long dining table, fairy lights hanging above you like stars & candle lamps hanging from tree branches? Or better yet, why not start a blank canvas on some land and create your own masterpiece with a professional commercial-grade marquee? Let your styling take over & hire furniture and props to create your own wedding day theme park equipped with rides & of course a fairy floss machine.

Complement your style by looking for a wedding photographer that has an eye for the quirky, the intriguing, the left of centre, someone that can match your personality with a unique blend of creativity.

Weddings don’t have to always be what you see in the movies. If you don’t like the idea of wearing a white dress, why not wear red? If you hate your hair pulled back and prefer your hair crazy & wild, who said you can’t wear it like that? If you prefer to go makeup free, don’t let anyone tell you that it’s not a good idea. And hey, if you want to serve cheeseburgers & fries so be it. It’s important to create a day that is both special and memorable to you both. Don’t let other people’s opinions get in the way of creating a unique and different way of celebrating your commitment to each other.

A unique perspective of a bride laying on the ground on her wedding day in Melbourne

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Posted on 08 Aug, 2014

Wedding exhibitions have always formed an important part of my marketing strategy as I really enjoy meeting and helping engaged couples as they begin their wedding planning journey. The recent Ideal Bride show at Melbourne’s Etihad stadium was no exception and I was so excited to be the platinum sponsor in the wedding photography category. Searching for suppliers that align with your vision and budget can be an overwhelming process, so a wedding expo is the perfect place to check out a variety of options all housed under the same roof.

The show was a fantastic success as we interacted with literally hundreds of excited brides and their entourage of bridesmaids, mums, friends and even the odd groom to be. They were all treated to a glamorous fashion show featuring the latest in wedding gowns and formal wear from some of our foremost designers and there were some fabulous prizes drawn over the two days with the top prize valued at over $16,000.

In the lead up to the event we spent a considerable amount of time creating a booth that would reflect our brand, be memorable and stand out amongst all the other exhibitors.  The centrepiece of the stand was our beautiful jar lights which attracted huge attention. Of course we had gorgeous acrylic displays and hand crafted wedding books to also showcase our work.

I thought it would be fun to shoot and share a behind the scenes, stop motion of the booth setup at the expo. The result is almost 4,500 frames, photographed over 3 ½ hours and compressed into 2 ½ minutes – hope you enjoy …

Posted on 04 Aug, 2014

The warmth of autumn’s seasonal charms translates beautifully into a pleasurable collection of photographic memories, enhancing the warm hues and natural tones of your wedding perfectly, and adding a graceful, natural ambiance to your wedding day and album.

Autumn symbolises elegance, renewal, grace, and unexpected beauty in every backdrop. A skilled wedding photographer knows how to portray the spirit and colours of autumn, and make them work with the hues you’ve chosen for your bridal party, complimenting every moment in every photograph.

Autumn’s bold colours and tones of amber, gold, orange, yellow, and crimson add colourful inspiration from nature while its warm hues add depth and ambiance that a creative wedding photographer can incorporate into breathtaking photographs.

But there’s another side to autumn’s ever evolving charms – the possibility of fun with colour while adding the playfulness of falling leaves and the textures of nature. Just imagine a gentle breeze as it lifts a cloud of freshly fallen leaves mingling throughout your bridal party, floating gently to the ground just after they were captured in the perfect ambient shot.

A photographer who understands how to work with the contrasting colours of autumn can manipulate the softer hues of pale pastels with the warm tones of gold and amber, with the warmth and comfort of autumn’s illuminating and flattering light.

A nature-inspired autumn wedding offers a multitude of options when playing with light and texture; you’ll fall in love with the different photographic styles the ambient glow of autumn adds to your wedding album. When the softer sunlight shines through the branches of a tree whose leaves have turned golden-orange, the lights and tinted glow flatter features and add a warmth to the scenario that surpasses any expectation of the perfect photo.

The autumn season is a perfect time to plan your wedding day, offering a mild and comfortable climate, but in Melbourne especially, it can also bring some unexpected weather. A Melbourne wedding photographer will be prepared for the unexpected and hold many aces up his sleeve to ensure your wedding album is overflowing with beautiful photos that showcase your choice of an ambient, autumn wedding day.


Bride and groom surrounded by beautiful autumn colours on their wedding day in Melbourne

Posted on 28 Jul, 2014

The lead up to the wedding can often be stressful for brides, who look forward to the relief of relaxing on the day. What often overtakes this stress though, are nerves and anxiety about the commitment you’re making.

We often don’t expect women to experience this type of anxiety, after all – this is their lifelong dream, right? Surely it’s only men who suffer from wedding day jitters?

Just like Mr.Big who left Carrie at the alter; our hearts sank at the prospect of a similar fate. But what about Julia Robert’s in Runaway Bride? Don’t we too have doubts, fears & thoughts of disappointing our partner on one of the most important day of our lives? What went through Julia Robert’s mind as she was walking down that aisle for the first, second & third time? Could a Melbourne bride possibly experience the same thing?

The important thing to remember here is that these emotions are not gender specific. They’re all apart of the human condition. There are always moments when we doubt the decisions that we make, but this shouldn’t be one of them.

“But how do I know he’s the one?” Well for starters, you probably wouldn’t be in this position in the first place if you hadn’t come to the conclusion at some point that you wanted to spend the rest of life with the man standing in front of you.

Ask yourself this – Does he make you happy? Is he not only a part of your life, but a part of you? Does he make you a better person? Can you imagine your life without him?

Reminding yourself of these things as you make your way to your ceremony will calm your nerves & erase any doubt you are experiencing. Remind yourself that these are simply natural reactions to one of the biggest events in your life. Remember that he is standing at the alter, waiting for you to say “I do” and that he is with you every step of the way.

Bride arriving at her wedding in her bridal car in Melbourne

Posted on 21 Jul, 2014

Not every bride and groom desires for a wedding album full of classical wedding portraits as a reminder of their wedding day, regardless of how beautiful they are. Creativity is a trademark more brides and grooms are searching for in their wedding photographer.

Creative photographers are curious about the world around them; they have an eye for the quirky, the intriguing, the left of centre, and the different in the world. They can see how the world relates to our lives, and the people and things we love and admire, then they’ll work them into a creative collection of photographs that will be like pieces of art you can hang in your home and show-off to everyone who passes through your door.

They’re curious about what something looks like from a different angle, a new perspective, they’ve spent time exploring the value of the ‘inventive’. A photographic outcome only mastered by a curious mind.

It all comes back to your wedding photographer viewing the world in a new light – it’s a desire that gives a few photographers an edge in the domain of wedding photography – the ability to take the ‘norm’ to new heights.

Maybe they’ll play with perspective in a photograph or capture objects that are not generally paired together. They’ll take a glimpse of something that’s left of centre, something that stimulates the creative mind, and juxtapose them to document a photograph the eye may not generally see.

Take this photograph for example, I love that it offers a fun and visually appealing angle to the boys in this bridal party; arms open and inviting the sun’s embrace, with simple, concrete posts offering the vehicle that captures this image.

It’s important that your wedding photographer can see the creative opportunities in his surroundings and harness elements like light, and the quirks that others might miss. The opportunities in nature make the most pleasurable photographic memories.

This is also where local knowledge of the Melbourne area is immeasurable! Yes, you have chosen your perfect wedding photo location, but a Melbourne wedding photographer, who is well-travelled throughout his home town, will have gathered important information that can take your wedding album to new heights.

Perhaps he’s aware of a stunning old tree in a park you’ve chosen, or a funky painted wall a few streets away, or a hidden garden in the church you’ve chosen. This knowledge of interesting locations only comes from the intimate knowledge of a well-rounded and experienced local photographer, who understands the importance of what a creative mind can bring to your wedding shoot.

Creative photograph of Groom with his Groomsmen on his wedding day in Melbourne


Posted on 14 Jul, 2014

We know that our fiance has been intoxicated at more than one point in his life and yes, we are aware that there was most likely a poor decision (or two) made at a pub in Melbourne that he would like to forget. We also know that he’s going to be the pun of some very inappropriate stories & jokes as well as some hints as to just how ‘whipped’ he has become. But how do we deal with the best man’s speech, especially when you have never really ‘bonded’ with the one guy who often makes one of the most memorable speeches on the wedding night?

It may sound very cliche, but perhaps asking him out to coffee would be the best place to start. Don’t jump to conclusions about what his speech may entail & whatever you do, do not tell him what he is allowed to say and what he isn’t. Be honest & open with him, explaining that you want the speeches to be as positive & reflective of your current relationship as possible. We don’t want him mentioning the time you threw a plate across the room at your fiance’s head or the night where you called him 50 times demanding that he come home. Every relationship has at one point gone through a rough patch. There is a time and a place for everything & by casually bringing this up; you’re less likely to encounter tension on your wedding day.

If he hears it directly from you, he is much more likely to ensure that his speech won’t mention anything that may upset you or potentially kill the mood for the day. He will also appreciate the fact that you took the time out of your day to make an effort & explain to him just how important the day is to you. The best man is often trying to be the life of the party & sometimes feels a responsibility to entertain the crowd. But sometimes, it can be taken all a little too far & reminding him of that is harmless. After all, he’s standing by his best friends side & only wants to make this day as special as possible for the both of you.

Bride, Groom and Best Man on wedding day in Melbourne


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Posted on 07 Jul, 2014

A great collection of wedding photographs isn’t always centered on posed moments, and it’s important to have the confidence that your wedding photographer can anticipate when special moments will occur. This is a trait that comes with experience.

There are so many wonderful moments on your wedding day, but there will be moments you only want to share with your groom – or your parents, or siblings, or a special friend or relative, without the direct awareness of a camera by your side. These moments you share with your loved one show your truest of emotions, what lies beneath, and also the dynamics you share with those around you. The catch of an eye, a hand on a shoulder, a secret smile shared in a moment of reminiscence that brings back memories shared.

You will always know your photographer is there on the day, but those moments that occur naturally throughout the course of the day are the candid moments that produce a truly authentic photographic memory, and some of the best photos are the ones when people don’t even know they are being photographed.

Inconspicuous but present – unobtrusive but on the ball, you’ll never find me in peoples way. Consider me as another guest at your wedding, blending in while documenting your precious moments.

Portraying these fleeting moments of beauty requires skill, patience and understanding.

Understanding that heartfelt precious moments on a couple’s wedding day come at those times when a bride and a groom share a few moments of togetherness. Those brief minutes or seconds where you both truly recognise the reason you’re here, the reason you’ve come together on this unique day, to share life, to share love and to spend an eternity together…

Your first dance, your first spontaneous kiss away from the altar, those stolen moments in the corner lost in each other’s eyes, while the room is a hive of activity around you.

These distinctive moments a bride and groom share together – moments of pure, unyielding love and happiness – are photographic reminders of the passion and love you’ll share forever…

These are the photos I am most excited to show you in your finished wedding album, those emotional moments where your love shines brightly from the page in tenderness, excitement and happiness.

Bride and Groom enjoying their first dance on their wedding day in Melbourne

Posted on 30 Jun, 2014

When we begin planning our big day, our assumptions of what is considered traditional are often determined by our past experiences. The weddings we have been to often shape the expectations that we feel we have to deliver on and entertain, even when we don’t really want to.

One of the most common themes throughout Melbourne weddings is the ‘throwing of the bouquet’, which, literally speaking – is exactly that. The lucky girl to catch this is then filled with the hope that she will now be the next in line to find prince charming and get hitched.

But what if you don’t want to give away your bouquet? What if the very thought of throwing one of the most beautiful pieces of your wedding through the air and into the arms of someone who isn’t the bride is very far from your idea of tradition?

Well, who says you have to? Your wedding is entirely that. It’s your wedding. No one is going to complain about the absence of a bouquet of flowers flying through the air on your wedding day. Is the girl who catches your beautiful, delicate bouquet of specially chosen flowers going to cherish & admire your bouquet the same way that you would? The answer is no.

If you want to keep the bouquet, keep the bouquet. If you don’t want to wear a garter, don’t wear a garter. If the thought of your first dance makes you cringe, who says you have to? It’s important that we remember that the tradition lies in the commitment you are making to each other and not the list of events on the day. Remember, a wedding is a celebration of the two of you finding happiness together & a reflection of your relationship. If that means making your guests miss out on a flying bunch of flowers & some female aggression – so be it.

Close up of bride holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers on her wedding day in Melbourne

Posted on 23 Jun, 2014

There are quite a few advantages and opportunities when it comes to pre-wedding photography, and one that’s gaining momentum with couples currently is a pre-ceremony photo shoot on the day of the wedding. Yes, before the ceremony, rather than waiting for afterwards. Minus the stress of wedding ceremony jitters!

Although it’s far from traditional, it is a great option to consider if you are short on time in the afternoon or even if you have guests coming from interstate or overseas. If your wedding photography is out of the way early in the day, you have more time to socialise with your friends and family or just some time out to unwind and spend some extra time together with your groom between your wedding ceremony and reception.

But just as there are different options for pre-wedding photography, there are plenty of reasons too.

Consider the timing of your ceremony;

One beautiful and clever Melbourne bride I know had her ceremony booked for late afternoon and was restricted by time with the venues she and her groom chose for their wedding day. They only had an hour between their ceremony and their reception. Rather than waste the hour stressed about the time restraints and squeezing in ample photographs, this couple decided those pre-ceremony photographs on their wedding day was the perfect option.

Plus, since their wedding day was outside of the Melbourne daylight savings period and night was falling much faster, they gained the advantage of perfect late-afternoon lighting and sunshine. Verity said, ‘we had our wedding photographs taken beforehand in the beautiful 4 pm light and didn’t have our guests waiting around for hours between the two events. We just took our family photos after the ceremony and spent the rest of the hour mingling with our guests.’

If you are planning a late afternoon ceremony, this can be a great way to take advantage of light and time, and reduce the stress associated with tight timing on your wedding day.

Another gorgeous Melbourne bride I know didn’t want the first time she saw her groom on her wedding day to be at the end of the aisle, the formality of the entire concept had both of their anxiety levels shooting for the stars.

‘We totally wouldn’t have had a ceremony if the aisle was the first time we would see each other, I just had too much anxiety,’ Emma said. ‘We had a little meeting spot in the Botanical Gardens (so we didn’t run into each other in the carpark!) and had over an hour together taking photos and calming down. And the actual wedding was exciting with no anxiety from either of us!’

If you are both happy to see each other in your finery before your wedding ceremony, then locking away some pre-ceremony time with your wedding photographer can be a great way to start the ceremony relaxed and happy, and to ease the time pressures of an afternoon wedding ceremony.

Bride and Groom