Posted on 21 Jul, 2014

Not every bride and groom desires for a wedding album full of classical wedding portraits as a reminder of their wedding day, regardless of how beautiful they are. Creativity is a trademark more brides and grooms are searching for in their wedding photographer.

Creative photographers are curious about the world around them; they have an eye for the quirky, the intriguing, the left of centre, and the different in the world. They can see how the world relates to our lives, and the people and things we love and admire, then they’ll work them into a creative collection of photographs that will be like pieces of art you can hang in your home and show-off to everyone who passes through your door.

They’re curious about what something looks like from a different angle, a new perspective, they’ve spent time exploring the value of the ‘inventive’. A photographic outcome only mastered by a curious mind.

It all comes back to your wedding photographer viewing the world in a new light – it’s a desire that gives a few photographers an edge in the domain of wedding photography – the ability to take the ‘norm’ to new heights.

Maybe they’ll play with perspective in a photograph or capture objects that are not generally paired together. They’ll take a glimpse of something that’s left of centre, something that stimulates the creative mind, and juxtapose them to document a photograph the eye may not generally see.

Take this photograph for example, I love that it offers a fun and visually appealing angle to the boys in this bridal party; arms open and inviting the sun’s embrace, with simple, concrete posts offering the vehicle that captures this image.

It’s important that your wedding photographer can see the creative opportunities in his surroundings and harness elements like light, and the quirks that others might miss. The opportunities in nature make the most pleasurable photographic memories.

This is also where local knowledge of the Melbourne area is immeasurable! Yes, you have chosen your perfect wedding photo location, but a Melbourne wedding photographer, who is well-travelled throughout his home town, will have gathered important information that can take your wedding album to new heights.

Perhaps he’s aware of a stunning old tree in a park you’ve chosen, or a funky painted wall a few streets away, or a hidden garden in the church you’ve chosen. This knowledge of interesting locations only comes from the intimate knowledge of a well-rounded and experienced local photographer, who understands the importance of what a creative mind can bring to your wedding shoot.

Creative photograph of Groom with his Groomsmen on his wedding day in Melbourne


Posted on 14 Jul, 2014

We know that our fiance has been intoxicated at more than one point in his life and yes, we are aware that there was most likely a poor decision (or two) made at a pub in Melbourne that he would like to forget. We also know that he’s going to be the pun of some very inappropriate stories & jokes as well as some hints as to just how ‘whipped’ he has become. But how do we deal with the best man’s speech, especially when you have never really ‘bonded’ with the one guy who often makes one of the most memorable speeches on the wedding night?

It may sound very cliche, but perhaps asking him out to coffee would be the best place to start. Don’t jump to conclusions about what his speech may entail & whatever you do, do not tell him what he is allowed to say and what he isn’t. Be honest & open with him, explaining that you want the speeches to be as positive & reflective of your current relationship as possible. We don’t want him mentioning the time you threw a plate across the room at your fiance’s head or the night where you called him 50 times demanding that he come home. Every relationship has at one point gone through a rough patch. There is a time and a place for everything & by casually bringing this up; you’re less likely to encounter tension on your wedding day.

If he hears it directly from you, he is much more likely to ensure that his speech won’t mention anything that may upset you or potentially kill the mood for the day. He will also appreciate the fact that you took the time out of your day to make an effort & explain to him just how important the day is to you. The best man is often trying to be the life of the party & sometimes feels a responsibility to entertain the crowd. But sometimes, it can be taken all a little too far & reminding him of that is harmless. After all, he’s standing by his best friends side & only wants to make this day as special as possible for the both of you.

Bride, Groom and Best Man on wedding day in Melbourne


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Posted on 07 Jul, 2014

A great collection of wedding photographs isn’t always centered on posed moments, and it’s important to have the confidence that your wedding photographer can anticipate when special moments will occur. This is a trait that comes with experience.

There are so many wonderful moments on your wedding day, but there will be moments you only want to share with your groom – or your parents, or siblings, or a special friend or relative, without the direct awareness of a camera by your side. These moments you share with your loved one show your truest of emotions, what lies beneath, and also the dynamics you share with those around you. The catch of an eye, a hand on a shoulder, a secret smile shared in a moment of reminiscence that brings back memories shared.

You will always know your photographer is there on the day, but those moments that occur naturally throughout the course of the day are the candid moments that produce a truly authentic photographic memory, and some of the best photos are the ones when people don’t even know they are being photographed.

Inconspicuous but present – unobtrusive but on the ball, you’ll never find me in peoples way. Consider me as another guest at your wedding, blending in while documenting your precious moments.

Portraying these fleeting moments of beauty requires skill, patience and understanding.

Understanding that heartfelt precious moments on a couple’s wedding day come at those times when a bride and a groom share a few moments of togetherness. Those brief minutes or seconds where you both truly recognise the reason you’re here, the reason you’ve come together on this unique day, to share life, to share love and to spend an eternity together…

Your first dance, your first spontaneous kiss away from the altar, those stolen moments in the corner lost in each other’s eyes, while the room is a hive of activity around you.

These distinctive moments a bride and groom share together – moments of pure, unyielding love and happiness – are photographic reminders of the passion and love you’ll share forever…

These are the photos I am most excited to show you in your finished wedding album, those emotional moments where your love shines brightly from the page in tenderness, excitement and happiness.

Bride and Groom enjoying their first dance on their wedding day in Melbourne

Posted on 30 Jun, 2014

When we begin planning our big day, our assumptions of what is considered traditional are often determined by our past experiences. The weddings we have been to often shape the expectations that we feel we have to deliver on and entertain, even when we don’t really want to.

One of the most common themes throughout Melbourne weddings is the ‘throwing of the bouquet’, which, literally speaking – is exactly that. The lucky girl to catch this is then filled with the hope that she will now be the next in line to find prince charming and get hitched.

But what if you don’t want to give away your bouquet? What if the very thought of throwing one of the most beautiful pieces of your wedding through the air and into the arms of someone who isn’t the bride is very far from your idea of tradition?

Well, who says you have to? Your wedding is entirely that. It’s your wedding. No one is going to complain about the absence of a bouquet of flowers flying through the air on your wedding day. Is the girl who catches your beautiful, delicate bouquet of specially chosen flowers going to cherish & admire your bouquet the same way that you would? The answer is no.

If you want to keep the bouquet, keep the bouquet. If you don’t want to wear a garter, don’t wear a garter. If the thought of your first dance makes you cringe, who says you have to? It’s important that we remember that the tradition lies in the commitment you are making to each other and not the list of events on the day. Remember, a wedding is a celebration of the two of you finding happiness together & a reflection of your relationship. If that means making your guests miss out on a flying bunch of flowers & some female aggression – so be it.

Close up of bride holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers on her wedding day in Melbourne

Posted on 23 Jun, 2014

There are quite a few advantages and opportunities when it comes to pre-wedding photography, and one that’s gaining momentum with couples currently is a pre-ceremony photo shoot on the day of the wedding. Yes, before the ceremony, rather than waiting for afterwards. Minus the stress of wedding ceremony jitters!

Although it’s far from traditional, it is a great option to consider if you are short on time in the afternoon or even if you have guests coming from interstate or overseas. If your wedding photography is out of the way early in the day, you have more time to socialise with your friends and family or just some time out to unwind and spend some extra time together with your groom between your wedding ceremony and reception.

But just as there are different options for pre-wedding photography, there are plenty of reasons too.

Consider the timing of your ceremony;

One beautiful and clever Melbourne bride I know had her ceremony booked for late afternoon and was restricted by time with the venues she and her groom chose for their wedding day. They only had an hour between their ceremony and their reception. Rather than waste the hour stressed about the time restraints and squeezing in ample photographs, this couple decided those pre-ceremony photographs on their wedding day was the perfect option.

Plus, since their wedding day was outside of the Melbourne daylight savings period and night was falling much faster, they gained the advantage of perfect late-afternoon lighting and sunshine. Verity said, ‘we had our wedding photographs taken beforehand in the beautiful 4 pm light and didn’t have our guests waiting around for hours between the two events. We just took our family photos after the ceremony and spent the rest of the hour mingling with our guests.’

If you are planning a late afternoon ceremony, this can be a great way to take advantage of light and time, and reduce the stress associated with tight timing on your wedding day.

Another gorgeous Melbourne bride I know didn’t want the first time she saw her groom on her wedding day to be at the end of the aisle, the formality of the entire concept had both of their anxiety levels shooting for the stars.

‘We totally wouldn’t have had a ceremony if the aisle was the first time we would see each other, I just had too much anxiety,’ Emma said. ‘We had a little meeting spot in the Botanical Gardens (so we didn’t run into each other in the carpark!) and had over an hour together taking photos and calming down. And the actual wedding was exciting with no anxiety from either of us!’

If you are both happy to see each other in your finery before your wedding ceremony, then locking away some pre-ceremony time with your wedding photographer can be a great way to start the ceremony relaxed and happy, and to ease the time pressures of an afternoon wedding ceremony.

Bride and Groom

Posted on 16 Jun, 2014

Your wedding day should be memorable occasion, and you should have the right photographs to capture every moment possible.  There are a number of ways to make this happen, but the best is ensuring you work with your photographer to confirm that your needs are ultimately met on your big day.

Before you even go as far as to have your photographer show up, ensure that you interview the photographer.  Ask thorough questions to safeguard that this person will fully meet your needs.  One of the first qualities that a wedding photographer should have is outstanding interpersonal skills.  This is the person that will be working with and around your loved ones to get the pictures you need for the day, so the photographer absolutely needs to have good people skills.

You also need to remember that the photographer will be working with you to ensure that you have the poses you need and want for an unforgettable day.  If you aren’t used to being the center of attention, go out for a night of karaoke, give a sudden speech or anything like that where you can get used to everyone watching you.  Your photographer should have a good sense of humor in order to help put your photography subjects at ease.  It’s amazing what a little bit of humor does to defuse a situation, and photography is no exception.

The wedding photographer should help your family and friends relax rather than put them on edge. Wedding photos should show your wedding party enjoying the moment; whether that means having a beer before the formalities of the day, taking a deep breath and walking down the aisle or enjoying a brief private moment before the reception ends, those rare moments of relaxation and chilling with dear friends and loved ones could be the real keepers as far as your wedding photos go.

Keeping those details in mind can go a long way to making your wedding photography experience a memorable one.  You will have these photos for a lifetime; you should ensure that you remember your wedding day for all the right reasons, which includes how good and how humorous your wedding photographer was.  After all, this will hopefully be the once in a lifetime that you will need a wedding photographer for.  Make it count.Groom and friends having a drink and relaxing on wedding day in Melbourne

Posted on 09 Jun, 2014

Choosing your bridal party is as overwhelming and puzzling as determining the seating plan. Having the right bridal party will ensure the pre-wedding festivities are memorable and the wedding day itself is everything you’ve dreamed of.

The first issue that comes to mind is the issue of ‘WHO’. WHO will be my bridesmaids? WHO will be my Maid of Honour? When choosing your bridesmaids, you may have to take into account sisters, cousins, sister-in-laws and friends. To make matters even more complicated, you may also have to include HIS sisters, cousins, sister-in-laws and friends. Suddenly your dreams of having your nearest and dearest in your party are tarnished by expectations from family and friends. The idea of having a future sister-in-law who I am not to fond of taking the place of a close friend makes my blood boil. Alternatively, having his cousin in my bridal party who I hardly know makes me uncomfortable. When dealing with these dilemmas, here are some suggestions:

  1. Choosing your bridal party should be a decision of the bride and groom alone (and not parents or grandparents). Ultimately, this is YOUR special day and no one shall dictate who shall be part of your bridal party. The bride and groom should compile a list of potential bridesmaids and groomsmen together and any concerns that arise out of this conversation should remain confidential between the two.
  2. Choosing your Maid of Honour/ Best Man is your own personal decision. Having your best friend or sibling be your Maid of Honour is always a good option. Just remember that your Maid of Honour is responsible for coming to dress fittings with you as well as organizing your hen’s night. Make sure your Maid of Honour is reliable and able to make time for these commitments.
  3. In order to avoid burning bridges with friends who you have not included in your Bridal Party, it is always best to personally speak with your friend and explain the fact you can only have X amount of bridesmaids. Also explain the fact that she is not your bridesmaid should not diminish her involvement and importance on your special day. A simple heart-to-heart conversation will prevent friendships from eroding.

Most importantly, your wedding is about you and your significant other. Everyone wants you to be happy and therefore you decisions about who to include in your bridal party should be based on your decision and not the decisions of others.

Bride and bridesmaids having fun on wedding day on the Mornington Peninsual

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Posted on 02 Jun, 2014

We can get so caught up in planning our wedding day that we can sometimes forget to consider the emotional enormity of the meaning of this day for our loved ones.

Yes, they gush at your dress, swoon over your handsome groom, admire the floral arrangements, but it can also hold bitter-sweet moments – Dad is, after-all, there today to give you away…

These shared moments between a father and his daughter, just before he walks her down the aisle as his single little girl for the last time, are one of my most favourite moments to capture on any brides wedding day.

His eyes damp with admiration…

His shoulders squared with pride…

His joy at your radiant happiness…

The slight quiver of realisation that this is it… His little girl is well and truly entering a new phase of her life…

And the look of love as he places your hand in your grooms at the altar, ready to step aside, and allow this new phase of your life to sweep you off feet once again…

The value of capturing these exquisite, once in a life time moments on film are precious photographic memories you will carry with you for a lifetime, when new memories are no longer and old memories are some of the most treasured in your life…

These are important moments captured by your wedding photographer that will stay with you forever…

emotional embrace between a bride and her dad on her wedding day in melbourne

Posted on 26 May, 2014

Melbourne is renowned for showcasing the four seasons in a single day. When you’re planning an outdoor wedding in this city, you’ve got to prepare for at least a light shower, or at worst, a torrential downpour.

While any kind of rain on your wedding day is not ideal, keep in mind that you’ve still got many options, especially when it comes to the photography. Some of the most beautiful wedding photography I have captured has been in the rain.

A backdrop of rain creates a unique ambience that fills photographs with the kind of warmth, coziness and intimacy that broad sunlight simply cannot match. The rain and clouds work together magically as a filter that magnifies the colour saturation in each photo, creating a more brilliant colour palette. A rainy day also presents an opportunity to get creative with photography by turning those raindrops into sparkling fairy lights, capturing reflections in puddles, or for more adventurous couples – using colourful umbrellas and even matching gumboots as props.

There are also plenty of locations that will still allow you to capture beautiful photographs and still stay entirely dry. Melbourne boasts many outdoor locations that are filled with natural light and protected by the weather such as balconies, buildings, overhangs, parking lots and gazebos.

Keep in mind that it is very rare that it will rain non-stop throughout your entire wedding. In most cases, you’ll typically find a break in the weather, even if just for a few minutes, which is the perfect opportunity to go outside and capture photos without rain.

Just be sure to choose a wedding photographer who is familiar with Melbourne, the location and venue of your wedding, as well as the local weather. That way, if it does rain on your wedding day, you can still look forward to breathtakingly beautiful wedding photos.

Bride and Groom under umbrella on wedding day in Melbourne


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Posted on 19 May, 2014

Watching the movie the Hangover made me uncomfortably nervous about the plans of boys for bucks night. Are bucks nights really as rambunctious as they are portrayed in the movies? Do men really drink themselves silly to the point they can’t remember where they are or what they did the night before? From my perspective, the idea of a hen’s night / bucks night is more about celebrating your upcoming wedding and the fact that you have found ‘the one’ as opposed to having the last hurrah.  It’s also about celebrating the fact that your long history of friendship with your friends has seen you graduate together to this next milestone.

When granted with the responsibility of planning a bucks night, a Best Man needs to ensure the friendship between the groom and his friends is reflected on and celebrated.  Ideas for sensible festivities include playing a game of sport, sitting back and having a couple beers or having an intimate BBQ with the guys. These ideas are a good way to ensure no one looses face or upsets the women.

Getting inebriated to the point where you loose you belongings, wallet or dignity is not good. It will create a negative reputation about you and others will find out. Somehow photos of mischievous bucks nights always end up on Facebook and shared with the eyes of others. Having a successful bucks night will cement your friendship and will create everlasting memories with your mates.

Photo of a groom on his wedding day with his groomsmen in Mellbourne