Posted on 29 Sep, 2014

We’ve all taken photos that we thought were great until we had them printed and discovered an undesirable reflection somewhere in the shot.

But what about a planned and desirable reflection – have you considered those for your wedding album?

Reflections can offer uniqueness to a photograph by creating an additional creative element in your photographs.

You’ll probably be surprised at how many everyday things you can capture a reflection in; picture frames on walls, a marble bench top, a sheet of metal, windows, mirrors, in fact, any kind of glass or shiny surface can act as a vehicle to capture a reflection in. And of course, as pictured we can’t forget about the power of water – even a puddle on the ground can create an interesting line of sight and elevate your wedding photographs to an entirely new level.

There are many things to take into consideration when capturing a reflection in a shoot, your wedding photographer needs to understand how to use the sun and external elements when incorporating reflections, and consider distance and clarity. Luckily for you, these technicalities are not something you need to concern yourselves with, that’s your wedding photographer’s job. Your job is to make sure the photographer you choose can incorporate these factors into his shoot.

I just love capturing well-placed, creative reflections in a photograph – I love the diversity it brings to a photo, and the depth and contrast it adds; it’s an element of style I’ve worked hard to perfect throughout my career.

Take the bride and groom’s position in this Melbourne riverside wedding photograph, when you look at the couple’s reflection in the water, it looks like they are resting against the banks of the river, when they are actually sitting closer to the middle of the plank bridge. This all comes back to where you are placed in the photograph, and it takes a trained eye to know where and how to place the subject of a photo to achieve balance in the final photograph.

Bride and groom sitting on wooden bridge with their reflection in the water on their wedding day in melbourne

Posted on 22 Sep, 2014

Over the years trends in wedding photography have changed and evolved to include many new fads and ingenious ideas, but one constant always remains; most people want a certain level of creativity mingled with the classics throughout their wedding album – an element of surprise that brings a smile to the face.

A creative photographer draws inspiration from the world around him; a funky buckle on a shoe, a sunbeam hitting a crumbling concrete post, a vine ravishing a wall on an autumn day or, as you see here, the characteristics of a row of concrete posts.

Creativity is a mindset – the skill and ability to capture light or find artistic angles that not everyone can see, in a natural and authentic style.

But creativity alone doesn’t produce an inspiring or stunning photograph, the moment of inspiration can be taken but it requires skill on the wedding photographer’s front to execute the final, breathtaking artwork. There are techniques to be mastered in order to achieve photographic genius, techniques that only come from hard work and constant practice, and a deep desire to create the perfect wedding photograph.

This photography showcases a sense of fun on the wedding day, the colourful glow in the groomsmen’s hearts – or on their feet as the case may be – these brick posts with the green trees in the back-ground of the picture was the perfect way to illuminate the spirit, vibe and their cool attire.

It’s important to find a wedding photographer who can establish your level of creativity and explore the interesting and the diverse in this world to give you a collection of photographs you’ll cherish forever and long to share with everyone you encounter. A photographer who’ll find a creative angle that holds interest to you and your groom, with genuine perspective, that captures the spirit of you and your wedding day and that are, above all else, visually dynamic.

The possibilities are endless!


Creative photograph of grooms funky socks in his wedding day in Melbourne


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Posted on 15 Sep, 2014

Choosing to accessorise on your wedding day can often be a difficult decision. Earrings, bracelets, a necklace, a bridal headpiece?  The thing is, you don’t require all of these things to make your bride look complete. One of the most beautiful features of a bride on her wedding day is her neckline, so a necklace is often not required and earrings & bracelets are often passed down through generations, which essentially become the ‘something old’ that you would add to your unique look. But what about a bridal headpiece? Would you use a clip with beading or pearl detail? A delicate headband? A flower or flowers? A veil that clips in for the ceremony & out for the reception?

Recent trends have seen women wearing headbands made entirely of flowers, especially for boho or quirky weddings. A simple, classic headpiece with detail is often the most popular choice as it is something that can be passed down for generations to come. And last, but not least is the traditional clip-in veil that is used for the wedding ceremony & then either removed or pulled back for the reception.

For some inspiration, ‘Bride La Boheme’ features unique and handmade bridal pieces that completely transform any bridal look into something from a fairytale. With unique and individual designs, your look will be unlike anything guests have seen before. Anna Campbell on High Street in Armadale, Melbourne is also a perfect place to start. You will find different ways to enhance the look you are after & will be able to envision the different ways you can accessories on your wedding day.

You don’t have to stick to traditional bridal concepts on your wedding day. Why not try something different, mix it up & see if there is something unique that makes your day truly memorable?

Beautiful bride showcasing her headpiece on her wedding day in Melbourne

Posted on 12 Sep, 2014
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I was super excited over the weekend as I was heading out to do a personal shoot – something I have not had the opportunity to do for over 12 months. I knew the subject I wanted to photograph, I knew exactly where I was going to stand, I knew the type of light I wanted to capture, I knew what camera settings would work best – I had a strong vision in my head of exactly how it was going to look. This was a very well-known Melbourne icon, a landmark that has probably been photographed thousands of times but I was going to shoot it from a unique angle, creating something different. I was also going to use some creative long exposure techniques to showcase the subject in an unusual way.

I certainly achieved my vision – everything panned out, the light was good, the low angle provided an interesting perspective. I had 2 or 3 captures that looked good on the back of the LCD ready for some minor post processing – all done. As I was going back to the car, I walked past an abandoned ramp that disappeared into the ocean – not much there, just bits of rotting wood and a gate preventing access. I must have walked past this ramp a gazillion times, never paying it much attention as the better known landmark always dominated my thoughts.

I am not sure what made me stop and linger a bit longer, perhaps is was knowing that I had the hall pass from the good wife or maybe it was the shadows and light on the sea as the sun had vanished for the day. I’m glad I did as beauty is so frequently found in simplicity. It’s really all around us, sometimes in the not so obvious places, sometimes in the old – you just need to slow down and “look” with fresh eyes.

Old boat ramp vanishing into the ocean in Melbourne's Port Phillip Bay at night

Posted on 08 Sep, 2014

You’ve found the man of your dreams, your perfect Melbourne venue, location & dress. Next on the list? A photographer. There’s only one problem – your fiance is an awkward mess in front of a camera. He hates the thought of having to show a vulnerable & romantic side to himself in an extremely public way. He knows how important this is to you & the pressure is building on him, which makes him scared he’ll disappoint you or worse, ruin your day.

They’re going to tell you that the key to a good wedding photograph is to ‘just be yourself’, but there are many key factors that influence just how naturally beautiful the final product will be.

You need to realise that not just any photographer will do and you certainly need to do your research. Make sure that the business is a reliable & reputable one and view as much of their portfolio as you can. A great photographer will adapt to the result that you are after with his or her own stylistic features. Don’t be scared to ask for a certain ‘feel’ or ‘look’ to the photographs as your photographer doesn’t want to stage looks that don’t come naturally to you. If your man is afraid of a little limelight, explain to your photographer that you prefer candid, natural & observant photographs. Your ideal photographer will adapt to the style & feel that you are after & will be there to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

You want a photographer who isn’t afraid to adapt to your own style by capturing the very essence of your relationship in a way that you see yourselves. You want someone who gives artistic direction, not someone who requests routine staged positions that you’ve seen a thousand times over. You need someone who understands your vision & ensures that the photographs reflect your personality.

A good photographer is the key to making your man feel as comfortable as possible in front of the camera, and is often the difference between an okay photograph and an amazing one.

Bride and groom looking at each other on their wedding day in Melbourne

Posted on 01 Sep, 2014

“If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it”

Beyonce uttered those very words that resonated in the mind of every female in a long-term relationship who had a bare left ring finger (all hail Queen B). However, one must remember that Beyoncé was reminiscing about a former love at the time. For those Melbourne girls who are happily in relationships with a long-term partner, the words can hit a little too close to home.

You’ve been together for years, you bought a dog together, you moved in together, then you bought a house together & now you prefer to drink red wine at home together on a Saturday night in front of the fire while all of your friends are out on the town. His parents love you; you’re practically already a part of the family. The only thing missing is that rock on your finger.

So, when a guy loves you & commits to you – he is supposed to propose, right? Here’s the thing, it’s not always that simple. Girls, cut the guy a little slack as the last thing he needs is even more pressure on him to say those four magical words. But how hard can it be to get down on one knee you ask? Let me explain. Proposing is actually a very difficult act for a bloke. He’s about to get judged by his family, your family & everyone you both know. Basically, his purchase is about to become the topic of the town. And it all revolves around how much money he splashes out on a diamond ring & how extravagant he makes your proposal. It may seem like the norm, but spending three months salary on a wedding ring when you have a mortgage and bills to pay isn’t something that comes easily. If he did decide to purchase a sapphire or alternative gem – he’d feel as though he had failed to provide you with the fairy-tale wedding proposal & ring that you’ve always dreamed of and face criticism from his friends & family.

Presenting his partner with a ring is one of the most masculine & status defining things that he will ever do, and sometimes there is too much pressure placed on his ability to afford such a thing. Of course you want a ring that is beautiful, special and unique. But does it have to be thousands and thousands of dollars and result in a personal loan?

Your guy truly wants to give you the whole world. Believe me, if he has made a commitment to you in more ways than one – he loves you. Sometimes though, we need to learn to focus on the true meaning of an engagement rather than an excessive proposal & a quarter of your mortgage worth of diamonds on your ring finger. A rock is nice, but a loyal & loving husband is probably better.

Night silhouette of bride and groom on wedding day in Melbourne

Posted on 25 Aug, 2014

Pre-wedding photography is a great way to document your adventures while planning the biggest day of your life. It’s also a beautiful way to celebrate the love you share before you’re engulfed in all of the activities on your wedding day.

Your wedding photographer can embrace your story from the engagement celebrations to the time spent planning, the pre-wedding parties and personal connections, all the way through to your very special day and beyond.

Exploring those candid moments through photography in this momentous life journey really captures the significance of your love and relationship.

Rekindle the Love and Excitement

Pre-wedding photography is a beautiful way to explore and celebrate each other. It can be a fun and gentle reminder of the love you share, and help you remember why you fell in love in the first place.

Planning a wedding can be a stressful experience; your pre-wedding photo-shoot can be a relaxed break from the chaos, rekindling the love and precious emotions of your relationship by giving you both the opportunity to express your feelings for each other in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Or for the dare-devils out there, in an adrenaline packed adventure – I’ve known pre-wedding activities to even include sky-diving! But whether it’s adrenaline or a peaceful encounter beside the seaside, a pre-wedding photo-shoot will give you memories to cherish forever, and a few hours together you will never forget.

The Advantage of a Different Location

Let’s face it, there are places in Melbourne where you would love to hold your wedding that aren’t a realistic place to take photographs on your wedding day.

A funky café, your favourite garden that’s on the other side of town from your church or venue, a grand high-rise in the middle of Melbourne, or a unique rock-face overlooking the ocean on a secluded beach…

Engagement Photography

I’ve met many couples over the years that have looked back on their engagement party wishing they’d taken the time to arrange an engagement photographer for their celebrations. More often than not, whether it’s due to space restraints, budget restraints, or perhaps a wedding that is being held overseas, most couples invite many more people to their engagement parties than they do their wedding. By including your wedding photographer in your engagement celebrations, you can document the special moments you share with those who may not be attending the formal wedding celebrations.

The added bonus of pre-wedding photography – it’s a great test run for the photographer to get to know you, your groom, and your family and friends who will surround you on your wedding day! Plus a beautiful, pre-wedding photograph makes a gorgeous bonbonniere for your up-and-coming wedding!


A beautiful big emotional hug between an engaged couple in Melbourne

Posted on 18 Aug, 2014

They may be hidden under your dress, but the shoes that you choose to wear on your wedding day will impact those crucial steps that you take down the aisle. They may look beautiful, but unfortunately the age old question of whether they are the most sensible choice will be soon be haunting you.

Short girls in Melbourne often believe that bigger is better. Sometimes though, we need to take a step back & evaluate whether the most glamorous option is going to be the best fit. Tall girls on the other hand, are fearful of towering over their partners & are disappointed with the bridal collections available to them in the form of flats. This also plays an important role in how you would like to be portrayed by your wedding photographer.

So why can we not find a happy medium? Somewhere in between glamorous & comfortable? What if we go that step too far with the glamour & end up regretting it on the one day we don’t want to think about how sore our feet are?

Ok, so you can’t forgo all of the glamour in your heels – but you need to be comfortable enough to know that mid-evening you don’t have to pull them off in agony. After all, your dress has been measured to fit you wearing those exact shoes.

There are two options making the rounds in the Melbourne bridal circuit. Wedges, the go-to for short girls who are desperate for the maximum amount of height with the least amount of pain. The good thing is that these babies often come in light colours, beige and often pastels (perfect if you are after that ‘something blue’). Clogs on the other hand are a newer, quirkier take on the bridal shoe that has an extremely thick heel but without the bulkiness of a wedge.

Lucky legs 11, supermodel material? Well, the options become a little more limited (and that’s karma for being gifted with supermodel genes). Unfortunately, you are restricted to flats if you are truly concerned about the height differences between yourself & your partner. And hey, now you have one less thing to worry about because you won’t be the one kicking off your heels at the end of the night. Besides, who can say no to a pair of Chanel patented flats?

A Brides ring wedged between her shoes on her wedding day in Melbourne

Posted on 11 Aug, 2014

You’re not the kind of Melbourne gal who adheres to the norm within society, so why should your wedding be any different? This goes for your dress, your photographer, your venue & your catering, but also the overall atmosphere that your wedding emulates.

First thing is first – identify a common theme that truly represents the relationship that you and your partner share. For example, if you are both environmental advocates who feel best out in the open space – why not have a wedding on the sand, at a beach? Enforce a dress code of chino’s, thongs, flowers & flowing dresses to really set the mood. Are you completely crazy about Mexican food? Why not host a Mexican themed reception? Invite all of your guests to a low-key garden location with DIY food stalls and amazing, authentic Mexican cuisine. You can bring as much colour as possible to the party – but perhaps don’t take it as far as the sombrero.

Are you both crazy adrenalin seekers? Why not take a hot air balloon ride across Melbourne before meeting your guests to say I do? Or of course, if you’re both a little shy & prefer something extremely intimate, why not style your backyard with a long dining table, fairy lights hanging above you like stars & candle lamps hanging from tree branches? Or better yet, why not start a blank canvas on some land and create your own masterpiece with a professional commercial-grade marquee? Let your styling take over & hire furniture and props to create your own wedding day theme park equipped with rides & of course a fairy floss machine.

Complement your style by looking for a wedding photographer that has an eye for the quirky, the intriguing, the left of centre, someone that can match your personality with a unique blend of creativity.

Weddings don’t have to always be what you see in the movies. If you don’t like the idea of wearing a white dress, why not wear red? If you hate your hair pulled back and prefer your hair crazy & wild, who said you can’t wear it like that? If you prefer to go makeup free, don’t let anyone tell you that it’s not a good idea. And hey, if you want to serve cheeseburgers & fries so be it. It’s important to create a day that is both special and memorable to you both. Don’t let other people’s opinions get in the way of creating a unique and different way of celebrating your commitment to each other.

A unique perspective of a bride laying on the ground on her wedding day in Melbourne

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Posted on 08 Aug, 2014

Wedding exhibitions have always formed an important part of my marketing strategy as I really enjoy meeting and helping engaged couples as they begin their wedding planning journey. The recent Ideal Bride show at Melbourne’s Etihad stadium was no exception and I was so excited to be the platinum sponsor in the wedding photography category. Searching for suppliers that align with your vision and budget can be an overwhelming process, so a wedding expo is the perfect place to check out a variety of options all housed under the same roof.

The show was a fantastic success as we interacted with literally hundreds of excited brides and their entourage of bridesmaids, mums, friends and even the odd groom to be. They were all treated to a glamorous fashion show featuring the latest in wedding gowns and formal wear from some of our foremost designers and there were some fabulous prizes drawn over the two days with the top prize valued at over $16,000.

In the lead up to the event we spent a considerable amount of time creating a booth that would reflect our brand, be memorable and stand out amongst all the other exhibitors.  The centrepiece of the stand was our beautiful jar lights which attracted huge attention. Of course we had gorgeous acrylic displays and hand crafted wedding books to also showcase our work.

I thought it would be fun to shoot and share a behind the scenes, stop motion of the booth setup at the expo. The result is almost 4,500 frames, photographed over 3 ½ hours and compressed into 2 ½ minutes – hope you enjoy …